Hello class,

I am one of those people that love music; I pay attention to lyrics, meanings, and what is the message the songwriter is providing. Recently Alicia Keys came out with this new song called, “We Are Here.” 

The song we are here talks about what has been happening lately with Gaza, Baghdad, and few other cities. The inspiration for the song comes from a question she was asked. A person asked her, “Why are you here?” Alicia Keys was speechless, since no one has ever asked that question before. 

The reason why this song in particular relates to our class is because she has been using the social media to spread the message about why #wearehere. Alicia Keys is doing something very key to promote her song, and message; she is using hashtags and photos of people giving the reasons why they are here. Another thing that Alicia Keys is doing to spread her message is by having her colleagues also spread the message. Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland, and many more. All these artists are big influencers in the social media due to their millions of likes and followers on Facebook. 

Alicia Keys has not released this song in the radio yet, but it can be easily found on youtube which is linked to google. It is amazing how a song can have an impact and a great message. I think the reason she released the song on Facebook and twitter was to gives us the sensation that tho song is personal and is about all of us. 

Is a great song, you guys should listen to it, and spread the message on why you are here. 

Ninssen Cardona


Hey Class,

This article discusses the incident between Ray Rice and his Fiancee Janay. This article is relevant to our class and the discussion about social media because it points out that the reaction by the public about this incident did not become as big as it is now until the video of what happened was introduced to social media. This incident happened back in February, and Rice was charged by grand jury for the crime on March 27th. That was six months ago. I am not a sports follower, so I had no idea that this happened at all back in February and March. I am only hearing about this incident now, within the last week or so since the video was released. I know that I am not the only one who didn’t know anything about this incident until just recently, and that is because the video had not been released yet. This shows how impactful social media really is, or perhaps how powerful social media can be when there is footage of a terrible event. Without social media sharing this video, I never would have known that this happened.
It’s hard for me to just talk about the impact that social media had in making this video completely viral without mentioning the fact that no one was very shocked about the news that Ray Rice beat his fiancee unconscious until they saw the video. The public has known about this issue, again, since February when it happened. But no one was “shocked” or as horrified as they are now that they have seen the video. So there is another way that social media has an impact on this kind of news. Social media changes the way we react to news. Before the video made its debut on social media people thought it was a bad thing that Rice beat his girlfriend, but no one reacted as strongly as they are now that they have seen the video. Even the commissioners of the NFL are reacting differently now. They have increased Rice’s penalty for participating in domestic violence! Social media did that.
This article is written with such passion. I really encourage you all to read it.

Christina Imper

Supermodels with Voices.

Hey class! Desmond here!


The above link is an article about Gisele Bundchen and a campaign she is currently participating in for Under Armour. The campaign is called “I Will What I Want”. It is a campaign targeted towards athletic women and features athletes such as ballerina Misty Copeland and Olympic snowboarder Lindsay Vonn. 

Under Armour has received flack for using Bundchen in the campaign because she is not your typical athlete. The reason this caught my attention is because of the ad used for her part of the campaign. In Ms. Copeland’s ad for the campaign, she is shown displaying her abilities while reliving her hardships through voice-over.

In Bundchen’s video, she is seen working out while comments from social media can bee seen flashing behind her. I figured this would be something good to share because it shows the impact that social media has and how it affects people. Bundchen, is the highest paid model in the world and has been for a long time but she is still human. Models in general are thought to have a shelf life but it looks as if Mrs. Brady continues to thrive. She displayed her bravery for doing a campaign such as this.

She is not the only one either. Models nowadays have a much stronger voice and audience than they did 20 years ago. Adriana Lima, considered one of the world’s top models, has over 2 million followers on Instagram. Wild child newcomer, Cara Delevigne has almost 7 million. 

People are tuning in to what these models have to say in a way like never before. The age of models being “quiet and pretty” is over. 

I’m sure I caught a lot of you off guard with this one. ;) Watch this space.

viral video on LGBT community

Hey class!

Something caught my attention today, and automatically I thought of my class. I logged in to Facebook today and saw that 6 people had shared the same video. This one:


Its this vlogger who posted a video about his reaction to a horrible video posted by a gay male coming out to his parents, who rejected him, verbally and physically abused him, and kicked him out. The video may be disturbing to some so just keep that in mind.
The fact that social media allows voices to be heard in such a vivid and personal way is huge. We are now able to get “close” to people in a different way. We may seem disconnected most of the time, but the way we as humans can feel what another stranger is feeling and somehow identify with them is something to be noted. Its refreshing and im glad i grt to see it happening and evolving and being used for good. People have learned to use this in ways that can spread really important and relevant messages with social media. However, just as good things can be put out there, bad things will be there too. I just thought this was a great way to show the positive side since we spent some time discussing how we need to disconnect. Food for thought!

Erika Forero

"Thinspiration" shouldn’t be a thing.

Hey it’s Sarah Flores! I spoke about blogging this yesterday in class, (because I don’t speak enough right?) “Thinspiration”, or “Pro-ana” is a trending topic in society. It is most evident with people in their teenage years, and early twenties. It doesn’t just effect girls, and it doesn’t just effect one race. It hurts anyone it can root itself in.

As defined by Urban-Dictionary (it isn’t in websters): “A movement, largely internet-based, that portrays anorexia (and sometimes bulimia; othereating disorders, such as compulsive overeating, are not part of the pro-ana movement) as a lifestyle choice rather than a disease or disorder.Countless websites devoted to the concept have sprung up on the internet, and it has been the object of much (largely negative) media attention. The larger pro-ana sites tend to feature message boards, chat rooms, or other forums for communication. There is some distinction between sites: sites that are defensive of “ana” (this word is often associated with pro-ana individuals) as a positive lifestyle choice, those who advocate eating disorder acceptance rather than active promotion of such disorders (these may not portray themselves as pro-ana), and sites that support anorexia without offering support to individuals attempting to “develop” the disorder.”

I’m choosing to blog about this because of a shirt that a friend posted about on Facebook/Instagram. Urban outfitters was selling a soft, v-neck tee that simply said “eat less” in a fancy script. Professor Ciszek has already posted a link to Sophia Bush’s outrage, but Fox new’s also put out an article. (linked here-http://www.myfoxny.com/story/17404881/urban-outfitters-eat-less-t-shirt-controversy ) Not the most detailed article, but it shows that representatives haven’t even responded to the controversy. They have released multiple controversial shirts and have simply kept selling the shirts. 

What these companies don’t realize is that their consumers have problems, and this simple v-neck, is encouraging behavior that leads to serious damage to a persons health and even death. A simple google search will pull up multiple blogs, pinterest boards (i’ll be including a link at the bottom of this post if you want to browse through), and hashtags. We spoke in class yesterday about hashtags and how it can take us to a whole world of links, pictures and messages. We all mutually agreed that its mostly a good thing, but this is a primary example of it being a bad thing. Anyone can see this, young girls who see pictures of rail-thin models, and then look at themselves in the mirror and question why they are not as thin as them. 

Social media has brought so much good into our lives, connecting us world wide, bringing us closer, letting us pin, and search for anything we could ever desire. But what happens when we get out of control, when we become insensitive, when we lose touch with reality. We have to remember to post things that will build people up and not tear them down. If this is the profession all of us are choosing, then we should know in our companies, non-profits, hospitals, or news websites/papers, to make sure we treat our consumers like our equals.(#34 of 95 thesis’s) They (people) are not a sector (#2 of 95 thesis’s), we have to realize when we as a company have gone too far (#3 of 95 thesis’s), and we have to acknowledge human concerns (#38 of 95 thesis’s). 

There are companies that do promote good standards of body image (dove, aerie, etc) and I hope to outline their good values and customer concerns in my next post. 


Hi class,

This article is in relation to Chapter 5 in Groundswell, our reading assignment for Wednesday (09/10).

Although this article was published more than a year ago, it still explains why market research is imperative to gain and understand customer insights, especially through social media.

Without research, any social media or advertising campaign is pointless when companies fail to understand what their customer wants.

Research will not only benefit companies financially and strengthen customer relationships, but also to stay ahead among competitors by understanding what the market wants from the company.

An example of market research would be when someone in the last class mentioned about Frito-Lay’s flavor contest on Facebook. I think it’s brilliant how Frito-Lay uses social media to entice their fans to come up with new flavors, and vote for them.  This helps lessen the risk of launching a new product.

Thanks for reading!

-Shereen Lau


Hi Class,

Attached is a link I recently read that I thought was very informational in regards to baby boomers and how most marketing corporations think they should target the youth generation to create brand awareness. In regards to the 95 theses that we read for class discussion I thought this article highly illuminated several theses that were depicted in the 95 theses.

As I read the passage I was highly intrigued by how Nielsen had a persuasive standing that he crafted from his own insight. In this article his thoughts, facts and research were very plausible in what he believed but yet still not convincing enough for me. As convincing as the article appeared in why they chose to gear their marketing on younger generations, I still believe there are alternative choices consequently making his article unconvincing. I was not persuaded by his theory to target younger generations because in doing so they actually miss an entire medium of people. Good marketing to me is based on strategy irregardless, meaning most ad campaigns should be able to appeal to all mediums (different genders, religion, race)..etc therefore creating a successful ad campaign. In consequence Nielsen should work on creating effective marketing approaches rather than allowing the youth supremacy over the older generation.

This article in regards to 95 theses identified with one of the theses where it stated that “companies need to come down from their ivory towers and talk to the people with whom they hope to create relationships.” This theses stuck out to me than most because it honestly astounded me how this article was all but definite that one medium of people could be more intriguing than the next or more beneficial to their ad campaign. 

In the here and now of society I think sometimes we miss the bar in actually understanding and illuminating things that are actually important. I just wanted to share that with y’all. Thanks for reading

Geshie Wilmot